In this guide, you will get to know how you can download TutuApp APK for Android and iOS. We will also give you the latest version and TutuApp VIP App.

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As soon as the world started shifting to the digital platform, the first thing that we came across was an enhancement in communication technology and means of entertainment. Today, the world is present in shrunken form inside a sleek smartphone. It is amazing to see that most of the work can be done online with the help of this one simple and compact device.

All thanks to the apps and developers who put all their creativity and effort to bring out best from software for us. With the availability of mobile or desktop apps, it has become really easy to accomplish our day to day tasks.

In this context, it is important to make sure that we have all the necessary apps on our smartphone. The most renowned source for downloading and installing is Google Play Store for Android and The Store for Apple’s iPhone.

We have got innumerable apps from these sources but somehow we are not satisfied with their services in one or the other way. The reason is that some of are paid. There are many that we need in our day to day lives but they are paid in nature and the subscription fee is costly for the common man.

We give up on most of the things only because of this one reason.

Guess what we have got as a solution for this problem? Yes, another app! It may be astonishing but it is true that apart from Google Play store and The App store, we have got other marketplaces to download from.

They have a similar user interface or even a better one, and many paids are available for absolutely free of cost. Although we have other which can modify a particular app into its hacked or modified version, nowadays the accounts on hacked versions are being banned from use.

The viability of such application is totally uncertain because you never know which version is free from getting banned by the service providers. In this context, using a different marketplace is the only reliable way out to skip the subscription fee.

In this write-up, we will be exploring the benefits of Tutuapp APK which is renowned to everyone who is obsessed with using paid apps for free.

Why is Google Play store not enough?

We have already mentioned before that Google Play Store does not provide Some of the applications for free of cost. Despite being number one store for mobile apps across the globe, the users have complained about the issues which are arising lately.

When it was analyzed, the users complain that they face problem while signing out of Google Play store on their device. Also, there are many genuine ones which are not even available on Google Play Store. People are facing difficulties while looking for some mobile or desktop apps on Google Play Store.

And finally, they come to know that it is not even available in Google Play Store. These are the little things which are like a turn off for enthusiastic users and hence, they mandatory need some solution for this problem.

What is Tutuapp?       

what is tutuapp                                

It is basically a complete replacement of our regular app store which has all the apps and games available in it for free of cost. In fact, which is not officially listed in Google Play Store or The App Store that can be downloaded. This app can work on both Android as well as Apple device without any hindrance.

This is the reason why APK is considered advantageous over the regular marketplace. Whatever difficulties occurred to users while using Google Play store is solved in this one application and now they are enjoying the experience with this replacement.

General Specifications:

Earlier this app was known as Tutuapp and now it has got a new name, Tutu Helper. Unlike many other replacements for Google Play Store, this one does not occupy much of your phone’s space. The file size is just 6.93 MB and it is not at all heavy or complicated to use.

In order to have this one on your device, it should have Android 4.4 or above installed in it, or it should have iOS. It is available absolutely free of cost and you do not have to pay any charges for downloading it. Apart from these basic features, there are many other things included that will blow your mind.

We will discuss the same in detail in the upcoming sections.

What is the purpose of Tutuapp Apk download?

The prime motto was to provide paid mobile applications for free of cost to those who cannot afford monthly subscription fee or charges for using the premium features of any particular app.

The people who are using iPhone have to look for free ones and make payment for everything before having it on their device.

The developers wanted to do away this and hence, they created a mini marketplace where everything is available for free with all the premium features.

tutuapp apk download for ios and android

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This one feature of TutuApp Pokemon Go download for ios and android makes it stands out from all other sources.

Now, It is available as TutuApp Helper on Android platform and one can easily download and install them on their device. It has a simple interface and even a beginner can use it in a hassle-free manner. You can use it without logging in with your ID or without providing any of your personal information.

Also, the download speed is way better than other marketplaces. After downloading also you will not have to pay any surcharge for using all its services.


features of tutuapp

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It is loaded with mind-blowing features that will prove to be very helpful for each user. It is one of the first marketplaces which have successfully managed to provide free apps with premium features to all their Android and iOS users. It is versatile which can work easily on your device without expecting you to follow unnecessary procedures and subscription. Given below are the detailed features.

Download Latest Tutuapp ApkOfficial version
Download Size4.4 MB
Available On
FeaturesPaid apps available as FREE
SupportsIOS, Android 4.2+
Latest Update19th August, 2017
  • One of the best features of TutuApp APK is that it puts an end to continuous payment that you make after installing an app for accessing its premium features. This is like hindrance because all the games that you interestingly play become boring because of these paid features.
  • But It makes sure that you get access to all of these without paying even a single penny. That one barrier between you and your favorite one is lifted when you install this. It is a great relief for people who have given up on their favorite games because of paid or locked premium features.
  • We have seen many people who are constantly looking for modded versions of their favorite just because they want to use the premium features. There are many ones which help in creating a mod version of any particular applications.
  • But these are risky, especially when you are gaming because your account can get banned anytime. All your points and levels accomplished will be lost and you will have to start over again with your favorite games. Nobody would love that when it comes to their favorite game, so it is always better to download the mod from the APK.
  • Apart from the free version and their premium version, there is something else which makes the most preferable in the market. With the help, you make most out of your smartphones’ features.
  • If you want to know more about the hidden or amazing features of your device, then it is there to guide you through it. You can always refer to its additional tools and this will elevate the level of experience with your smartphone.
  • It is really small in size, it does not occupy large space from your storage memory cutting down space for other important ones. It is too light as compared to other apps of similar kind and it will not slow down your device because of its complicated interface.
  • It has its inbuilt device cleaner is again a unique feature. Usually, apps which are used to download the other apps do not have their own inbuilt disk cleaner.
  • It not works effectively but also improves your experience by cleaning your device from time to time. All the accumulated junks, cookies, and other unwanted cache files will be deleted from time to time with the help of this device cleaner.
  • By doing all this, it enhances the performance of your device and makes it more efficient for other tasks that you do.
  • Another eye-popping feature of latest APK is its ability to support Wi-Fi transfer. Just like exclusive apps which are used for file transfer through Wi-Fi, you can use the latest android version also for the same purpose.
  • There is no need to switch to other apps for transferring your files. You can transfer files from iOS to Android device, and reverse of it at blazing fast speed.
  • We are going to explore further about Tutu VIP App, and this app has useful tools through you can manage your contact, time, date, and other simple stuff.
  • You do not have to separately go to a particular app or settings to make such modifications.
  • Another useful feature of this app is that it will not ask you to enter your personal information like e-mail ID, phone number, or password as a login procedure.
  • The thing is that you can use it without logging in or provide any user identification proof. Neither are you supposed to provide Google Play Store ID or your App store ID for using iOS and Android app?
  • The greatest relief for all the users is that you do not need a rooted Android device or Jailbreak iOS for TutuApp to function.
  • If you think that you will have to download another app to root your device or Jailbreak it, then you are mistaken. It does not require any such extra procedure for functioning properly on your device.
  • You are allowed to download as many apps as you like. Usually, such free app marketplaces always have some hidden terms and conditions.
  • They offer free apps to download only up to a certain limit. After that, either you have to subscribe or they will charge. But such features are waived off in this wonderful app. You can download any number of apps and you will not be charged even a single penny for it.
  • If you are worried that it will have Chinese manual and user interface, then you would love to know that it can be translated for free.
  • Usually, the instruction and other options are present in the English language, but in the case, due to location variation if you happen to download the app which has the Chinese language all over, then you can readily translate it for free using Google translate. The entire content will be translated into the English language without asking for an extra charge and you will be able to use it in a hassle-free manner.
  • It has its own toolbar that takes care of things like calendar, battery life, crucial events, and contact lists. You can manage these basic things using it and it will keep everything organized for you at one place. You do not have to ponder upon different apps or sections to segregate your stuff in a neat and clean manner. It does it for you while you sit there with comfort.
  • Most of the apps these days mandatorily need a data connection to use all its function at its best. But this is not the case with the app.
  • It can function like any other app in offline mode also. You will have to turn on the data connection only when you want to download something. The miscellaneous features can be used without data connection also. You don’t need to turn on the data unnecessarily for managing your contact or calendar.
  • It has an inbuilt battery management system. Apart from all the features, this one is heart winning. It is developed in such a manner that it ensures a healthy battery life for your device.
  • It is not one of those apps which drain out all the battery; instead, it helps in saving the power. You do not have to worry about your battery while downloading multiple numbers of app and games.

Permissions required to be given to TutuApp while downloading

Every time you download an app, there appears a dialog box which asks you certain permission before. In order to make things clear before downloading and installing this app, you should be aware of the things for which you will need to give access to the proper functioning of this app. Given below are those points that you must know before installing the app to avoid confusion later.

  • You must allow it to modify the settings on your device in case any required. It will also draw over the other apps, if necessary.
  • You must allow this app access to your pictures and videos. It will not be using it for any purpose, but it should have access to upload the same on other apps which are downloaded from this source.
  • It will have access to modify and read the contacts which are saved in your device. As you know it will have a contact management system in it, you should allow it manage it by having full access to it.
  • It will have access to your approximate location based on your network operator and also precise location based on your GPS network. You must give access to it in both cases.
  • It will have access to your call logs to directly call numbers, reroute outgoing calls, read phone status and identity, and read call log. However, for calling the rates will be charged as per your network operator’s charges and this feature does not come free with this app.
  • It will have access to your message portal and it will read your text message, receive the text message, and send the text message, and will also help you in viewing the text message.
  • It will also have access to your storage device card and will be able to read its content.

In case you are worried about the violation of your privacy, then you should not. Since the latest APK is embedded with many features and it needs access to all these data to manage and segregate the things in its toolbar.

Tutuapp Apk Download for Android {Latest Apk}

Given below are the procedures that you must follow in order to download and install this app successfully on your Android device.

  • This app is not officially available in Google Play Store, so you will have to download it from the page TutuApp APK for Android of our site. Make sure you change the settings of your device to make it compatible for accepting the apps which are downloaded from other sources.
  • You will have to go to settings and click on security settings. In that section, you will have to check the unknown boxes and after that, you can download any mobile application from sources other than Google Play Store.

tutuapp helper

  • Now look for a reliable link to Download TutuApp Android Pokemon Go APK app. It is better to download the app from its official link only because if other sources have a corrupt version of this, then it will misbehave in your device. The malware can also harm your device system, so always prefer the official website over other sources that provide apps for free.
  • Click on the download option and the download procedure will start.
  • After the process is completed, you must click on the install option.

tutuapp free download

  • After the process is completed, you can open the app and enjoy downloading your favorite apps and games on your device.

tutuapp helper downloaded

Download TutuApp on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak [iOS/iPhone users]

Given below are the procedures you must follow for downloading the app without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. This is a procedure of TutuApp Free Download for iOS/iPhone.

  • First of all, you must open your Safari, but make sure that your device is connected to cellular data or any other Wi-Fi connection.

tutuapp ios

  • In the search engine, you must search and wait till it shows the result

tutuapp ios free

  • Among the two options named VIP and regular, you must select the regular app and tap on the more icon.

tutuapp pokemon go ios

  • Then you must select the option “Add to home screen” and choose the add option in a new pop-up screen.

tutuapp download for ios2

  • Then you will have to make changes in the settings of your device to make it compatible for configuring files from other sources.

download tutuapp for ios devices

  • Go to general settings and then Device Management. There will be a list of profiles and you should tap on one of them.

helper for tutuapp pokemon go

  • Then you should tap the button that says “Trust your profile.” Again a pop-up will appear and you should click on trust option.

tutuapp download

  • At the end, you can go to home screen and open it and enjoy all its wonderful features smoothly.

Download and Install Tutu App APK on PC/Windows

Given below are the steps you must follow to download TutuApp for PC/ Windows.

  1. It is difficult to download and use it directly on your PC.
  2. First of all, you should download a reliable emulator for your PC and install it properly. The most preferred Android emulator is Bluestacks.
  3. Search for the latest version of Bluestacks search engine and it will show you the options.
  4. Before that, you must select the source from which you would like to download the app. In that section, you must choose the Google Play store in case of Windows OS and App store in case of Mac OS.
  5. Then you must click on the icon of the app and download it.
  6. After that, it will be installed on your PC and the icon of this app will appear on Bluestacks home screen.
  7. You can now enjoy all its features in a hassle-free manner on your PC.

How to use TutuApp on Android as well as the iOS Device?

In order to run this app properly on your respective device, you should be aware of its functions and procedures. In order to help you with that, we have listed below the step by step functioning of this app. Follow these instructions and enjoy the features of this wonderful app.

  • First of all, you must launch Android Pokemon Go APK on your device.
  • As soon as the home screen of this app appears, you will see a list of paid apps and games which can be downloaded for free of cost using this app. In case the app you are looking for is not listed on the home screen then you can search using the appropriate keywords on search engine.

how to use tutuapp

  • The app will appear and you must click on its icon.
  • As you see the other window, you must click the option that says “Get.”

process of installing tutuapp

  • As soon as you click that option, the download process will start.
  • After that, you must install that app or game on your device.
  • And now, you can launch the app and enjoy all its premium features for free.

What is Tutu VIP App?

Many people think that Tutu VIP App is something unique or special. But, in order to clear such illusions, let us tell you that it is nothing but the same but exclusively developed for the iOS device. This version is only available for iOS devices.

If you wish to download this version, then you will have to pay a price of $12 and you can enjoy its features just like the usual app. If you are thinking that the VIP version of this app has some extra features or more app, then it is not so.

You can download the app for IOS from here.

It is also comprised of similar interface and has the same feature, except it’s only available for the iOS device that is why it is named as Tutu VIP App.

Final words on TutuApp APK Download for Android & iOS/iPhone:

In light of all the aforesaid facts, we can conclude that it is the best solution for all our issues related to costly apps and their locked premium features.

It is not less than a blessing for us and we must recommend it to our friends who are tired of paying subscription fees over and over again for every feature or every app.

The only motive of this app is to provide easy, simple, and free service to the users who are crazy for certain gaming apps but cannot afford to pay the charges for premium features again and again.

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