Is TutuApp Safe for iOS/iPhone/Android in 2019? – TutuApp Review

You might be wondering… Is TutuApp safe to install iPhone, iOS, and Android? Is TutuApp Malware? In today’s guide, you will get to know everything about these questions.

If you are a regular player of Pokemon Go then you would be well aware of this tutu app. When the game suddenly became too much popular, this tutu app was used by millions of people to move to some other location, literally anywhere around the world.

Originated in China, tutu app is basically an alternative to Google’s Play Store used by a lot of Chinese people.

When Pokemon Go was launched last year, the tutu app became very popular in other parts of the world, other than China.

The reason behind this was that it provided a modified apk version of Pokemon Go that lets you teleport to anywhere in the world without actually moving from your place. But the question that arises now is that ‘Is Tutu App safe to use?’

Is TutuApp safe and legal to use on Iphone, Ios, and Android?

The tutu app is popular and used by many people all around the world, still, the questions are same. All of those questions are answered in the sections below.

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Download from Trusted Source

I always recommend you to download the apps and software from trusted sources only. Nobody knows what they would have inserted into the apk file that you are going to install on your device.

Since you are installing the app from an unknown source, there’s no guarantee if they might have injected some infected malware or virus that may root your phone or install some malicious app or steal your data, without letting you know anything about it.

The tutuapp is legal to use on ios, iphone and android devices but as I told you to make sure you download from the trusted sources only.

Is TutuApp Safe to use

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Download Latest version of TutuApp

Ugly and Unnecessary Permissions:

Another reason is the permission access that it demands from your device. It is really wired, but true, that the tutu app just installs the mod of Pokemon Go, but still it demands permissions like make calls, read/send/edit text messages, or even access the call logs.

Why does it even require all these permissions when it’s not going to use any of that information for processing? It’s surprising but true. So it all depends, if you grant these permissions, there are chances that your device would be infected and vice versa.

Download TutuApp for Android devices from here.

Download TutuApp for iOS devices from here.

Account Ban

According to the terms of use and guidelines from Niantic, the Pokemon Go users can’t use the Tutu app or something like that to chat with other players, so if you will play with your main account on this mod app, it may lead to a temporary/permanent ban.

Instead, you should use some duplicate account for practice or play seriously in the tutu app Pokemon go.

Source: Reddit 

Final Verdict

So all of these are the reasons why tutu app can’t be considered as safe and legal to use. So instead use the precautions and download the app from trusted sources only.

If you found this article worthful and helped you in any way then please share on the social media and with your friends.

Also, don’t grant the unnecessary permissions that the app is not going to use anywhere in the future. Do let us know in the comment section about your experience with the tutu app.

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